Building an ecosystem of utilities | KØDE

Official Contract (ETH) 0x250050ACD30e382A39b00f2D172058160050A9E4

Official Contract (BSC) TBA

Our Vision

The main goal of a developer is to focus on the creation of a successful project whilst managing a number of tasks in order to launch. For a developer to deploy a contract, set up a number of fully functional bots can be time consuming and inefficient. We have found the solution to this problem by creating an ecosystem of bots with specific functions that speed up the process of launching a project and eliminates unnecessary steps required. It is time to innovate this space. KØDE is not only focused on creatng one utility, our vision is to create a full ecosystem to support new developers, whilst rewarding $KØDE holders at the same time.

The KØDE Ecosystem

On top of a web-based token creator and LP-locker. We will also be releasing a series of bots to help project owners create and launch a sustainable project. Below is a detailed introduction to our ecosystem.

KØDE Token Factory

Token factory is our revolutionary telegram bot which is able to deploy a contract in less than a minute. The main purpose of this is being able to optimize the efficiency of creating tokens on EVM compatible smart-chains. After a KYC submission has been approved, a one-time payment in $KØDE will unlock the functionality of our token factory telegram bot. Within the telegram bot, people are able to launch their own token with a custom contract layout, name, ticker, taxes and supply. 

KØDE Locker

Locker bot will be integrated into our KØDE ecosystem as addition to give developers the option to lock liquidity for their desired time with the safety of investors in mind to give reassurance to the community. By default, the liquidity lock time will be one month. Developers can extend that period with just 1-click on the Token Factory Bot or via website. The blocking time can never be adjusted to less than one month for the safety of investors.


KØDE buy will be the buy bot of our ecosystem, after creating a token using the token factory bot, this will automatically be connected to the blockchain, scanning for new buys, and posting these into your desired telegram group. This will reduce the need of manual intervention when setting up a buybot.

KØDE Admin

KØDE Admin will be the support bot within the ecosystem. Following token creation this admin will serve as your assistant in the main chat. There is no more need for setting up filters manually. After creating your token with the Token Factory Bot.

KØDE Guard

KØDE Guard will be the protector of the ecosystem, which will also automatically be added to the dedicated telegram group. The purpose of this bot is to manage and handle unnecessary bot attacks and spam messages from external sources.


KØDE Raid will act as a raid leader, sending in tweets and telegram groups to raid automatically throughout the day, providing the community with clear direction to remain active which will help increase the exposure of the project.